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Bosch Testing Reveals Hazards In Some Diesel Fuel Injectors


BROADVIEW, IL, July 25, 2013


– Bosch, a world pioneer in diesel technology and the leading supplier of new and remanufactured diesel fuel injectors, reports that recent comprehensive testing has revealed potential hazards when installing some remanufactured fuel injectors that were not authorized by Bosch.


Bosch tested and evaluated numerous remanufactured or rebuilt common rail diesel fuel injectors purchased from several replacement suppliers. The Bosch team used state of art Bosch EPS-815 test bench with Bosch patented Shot to Shot (SST) functionality including OEM (original equipment manufacturer) calibration values. The focus was to evaluate injector performance as well as the impact these remanufactured or rebuilt injectors would have on the engine as well as on the installer and end user customer.


"Alarmingly, we found that 70 percent failed our comprehensive testing and would present significant engine performance issues if installed in a diesel common rail system," said Ross Sandercock, Director of Diesel Products for Bosch, Automotive Aftermarket.


Vehicle performance concerns that the Bosch team found in unauthorized injectors included:


 No start


 Internal and external leaks


 Rough idle


 White and black smoke


 Low power


According to Sandercock, "Installing any of the questionable 70 percent of diesel injectors could result in having to redo the whole job – removing the defective common rail injector and re-installing a new injector which could take up to eight hours. It only takes one faulty injector to negatively impact engine performance. Hardly worth a few dollars saved in injector costs including compromising customer satisfaction, no matter how you look at it."

Today’s diesel fuel injectors are highly sophisticated devices, controlled by the vehicle’s ECU, and are designed to cycle 5-8 times per combustion event when injecting fuel into the engine. Bosch Common Rail Injectors are remanufactured following strict manufacturing processes for delivering a reliable product with the required performance characteristics.

"Vehicles as of 2007 require sophisticated exhaust systems for controlling emissions. Faulty injectors could cause serious damage to the exhaust system resulting in higher repair costs," Sandercock said.

"To produce and market fuel injectors at low prices, some remanufacturers salvage parts which are outside of tolerance, rework sealing surfaces, or add chrome to worn parts which eventually wears off. All this changes the geometry of the injector itself, leaving it unable to function as intended in the engine for which it was designed," he said.

Remanufactured diesel injectors from a supplier such as Bosch, involve certified production remanufacturing at a Bosch factory, replacing all wearable parts and critical components with original Bosch parts, and incorporating the latest OE (original equipment) production technology. High quality components, rigorous manufacturing standards and strict function testing guarantee the production of functionally sound, durable diesel fuel injectors, with Bosch’s 100 percent guarantee. Bosch offers 27 remanufactured part numbers that cover 84 percent of vehicles equipped with a Bosch Common Rail system.

Bosch CRI (common rail injector) authorized diesel service facilities offer Bosch remanufactured fuel injectors and have the necessary Bosch equipment and training for rebuilding Bosch injectors locally and assuring that each injector meets the OE performance requirements. Bosch is a proud supporter of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association’s Know Your Parts® education and awareness campaign. This initiative promotes the importance of quality brand name aftermarket parts backed by full service suppliers, and its impact on delivering reliable products to today’s motorists. For more information visit:


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