Valley Fuel Injection and Turbo offers a complete line of diesel fuel injection pumps. We stock, repair, and remanufacture fuel pumps of various makes and models such as John Deer, Stanadyne, Zexel, Cummins and more. We welcome you to call about pricing on any or all of your diesel fuel injection pump and injector needs.

Valley Fuel Injection & Turbo Inc. provides a major focus on Bosch fuel injection pumps, which include the VP 30, VP 44, VE, and CP3 pumps. 


Below is information specifically regarding each fuel injection pump to help you further understand the function of each pump.


VP 30/VP 44 - Solenoid-valve controlled distributor injection pumps

Ever stricter emission limits for diesel engines and the demand for further reductions in fuel consumption have resulted in the continuing refinement of electronically controlled distributor injection pump. High-pressure control using a solenoid valve permits greater flexibility in the variation of start and end of delivery and even grater accuracy in the metering of the injected-fuel quantity than with port-controlled fuel injection pumps. In addition, it permits pre-injection and correction of injected-fuel quantity for each cylinder.

VE - Helix and port controlled distributor injection pumps

The helix-and-port distributor injection pump is always an axial-piston unit. As the design relies on a single high pressure element to serve all of the engine's cylinders, units can be extremely compact. Helices, ports and collars modulate injected-fuel quantities. The point in the cycle at which fuel is discharged is determined by the hydraulic timing device. Mechanical control modules or an electric actuator mechanism provide flow control. The essential features of this injection-pump design are its maintenance friendliness, low weight and compact dimensions.

VE Pump

CP3 - High pressure three-barrel radial piston type pumps

The pump supplies the common rail system with fuel and regulates the system pressure in all engine operating statuses. The system pressure is regulated by controlling the delivery rate through the component (metering unit), which is integrated into the pump and actuated by the component (control unit) on the basis of a map. The low-pressure end is supplied with fuel by a component (gear pump) integrated into the pump or/and by a component (electric fuel pump).



**Bio Diesel General Information**

The components of a diesel fuel injection system cannot be effectively protected if biodiesel is being used with insuficient aging stability.

Possible consequences of using biodiesel with insufficient ageing stability:

  • Component (fuel filter clogged)
  • Deposits and resin in the components of the diesel fuel injection system
  • Corrosion

Non-transesterified vegetable oils and used cooking oils are not suitable for use in the diesel fuel injection systems "a matter of principle", as they lead to severe coke deposits on the components like nozzles, control valves, plungers and barrels. 


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