•  Valley Fuel Injection & Turbo is now featuring THE ONLY test equipment that can properly test BOSCH OEM Common Rail Fuel Injectors! including those used in your Dodge Cummings and GMC Duramax trucks.
  • The cost is $65.00 per injector for complete factory specification testing.
  • The $65.00 includes two tests; $15.00 to check armature lift (AHE), if it passes then we proceed with the secondary performance test using the BOSCH EPS 815 CR shot to shot technology. If the injector does not pass the first test only $15 will be charged per injector.
  • Our technicians have been BOSCH factory trained and certified on common rail injectors, as well as all your diesel fuel injection needs.
  • We specialize in Diesel pumps, Turbos and Injectors, working with the latest and most up to date equipment
  • We use only quality OEM products that you can trust and to also be at a fair price.

Piezo and HUEI

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Testing Your Injectors

First 3 Steps To Testing Your Injectors

(note: data in images doesn't reflect good or bad injectors, simply examples)

1) Check insulator 

 2) Check solenoid resistance 

 3) Check armature lift 

If failure occurs in the first 3 steps, replacement injectors are recommended.
Minimum charge for testing applies.($15 per injector)

After the injectors have been completely disasembled and inspected, all worn parts are then replaced using a new nozzle and control valve in every injector. They are then assembled using Robert Bosch proprietary software to insure correct tollerances. Then they are tested for propper fuel volume and performance on the BOSCH EPS 815 using BOSCH 945 software.





 Bosch Common Rail System

The videos below show select steps in the process of remanufacturing and servicing common rail injectors



This video is the process of checking and determining if the injector's armature lift is within specification



This video is running the common rail injectors on the Bosch EPS 815 test machine



This video demonstrates the most common and basic testing ran by most shops. It is not used for the diagnosis but simple to see if the injector is performing at all.


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